Benefits of Chia Seeds And How To Use Them

In case you haven’t heard about that phenomenal product such as the chia seeds, this article will help you find out everything about its amazing benefits.
They are an outstanding product for losing weight, they are abundant source of calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

If you consume these seeds you will look younger, more energized, and you will feel more healthy and vital.

Only a healthy person is a happy person. It’s so good that the nature has taken care and gifted us so many natural products, thanks to which we are able to cure various diseases, or prevent their occurrence.

Chia seeds have origin from Mexico, and the Aztec used them the most.

This amazingly healthy product has 20% proteins, 34% fat, 25% fiber, as well as a huge amount of antioxidants. They are especially rich in linoleic acid and other omega 3 fatty acids.

So, what is the benefit of all these components?

The Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Wight Loss

Since these seeds absorb a lot of water, once they come into the stomach, a person immediately feels satiated. Consuming these seeds means quickly and effectively losing weight without any danger for the health since in them they contain the needed vitamins and nutrients. By their consumption you will lose the desire for junk food, which is also a good thing.

A Great Source Of Calcium

The chia seeds contain five times more calcium then the milk, and twice more potassium than the bananas. For vegetarians this product is simply irreplaceable. Anyone who wants to enrich their organism with calcium should try these seeds. Moreover, our organism completely absorbs the calcium from this organic seeds. Say good bye to fragile bones, brittle nails and hair.

Abundance In Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Chia seeds are abundant in fatty acids, as well as the red fish. The benefits of these acids are reducing the cholesterol levels, improving the heart health, helping fight depression and anxiety. The fatty acids bring joy to our brain and they are beneficial for our skin too.

Eternal Youth

These amazing seeds contain huge amount of antioxidants, which contribute to younger appearance, despite the age, and they also protect from infections. The concentration of antioxidants in these seemingly simple seeds is higher than in blueberries and chokeberry.


For everyone that do sports and love the supplements for increasing the energy for more effective trainings, these seeds are very useful. The contain the same amount of beneficial nutrients as the protein shakes, which people drink for increasing the muscle mass and for endurance. Chia seeds are a great product for sportsmen.

How To Consume Chia Seeds:

3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds a day is the most beneficial amount of chia seeds for your organism.

You can start with one tablespoon and gradually increase the amount. Chia seeds have no taste; you can add them in all types of meals: soups, stews, yogurt, on salads. The chia seeds have long expiration date, which is also important.

Add chia seeds in your diet, and very soon you will notice your health condition improve.

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