How Much Do You Need To Walk In Order To Lose Weight


Many people do sports, go to the gym, maintain healthy diet. However, several researches have proved that walking every day is no less effective in the fight with the excessive kilograms. We will present you some of the rules that you need to obey if you want to substitute many different exercises with walking.

The distance, speed and your weight are the main factors that affect the amount of the lost calories while walking. If you want to have good results you need to follow the rules and also to use pedometer. You should always wear it with you, in order to be able to count the total amount of steps that you make during the day.

If you pass a long distance during the day, and yet you don’t lose weight, the pedometer will help you calculate how many steps you need so that you can start losing weight.

How Many Steps You Need To Do In Order To Lose Weight?

The following calculations could help you make a personal plan, considering the fact that many things depend on the type of organism, your lifestyle, diet and health condition.

100 kcal = 2 000 steps = 1,6 km       

1kg = 140 000 steps = 7 000 kcal = 112 km

How To Walk Correctly?

You should have in mind that the size of a step is different for different people, and it can vary from 40 -100 cm.

If you want to find out how long your step is, you can mark a distance of 10-20 meters and pass it at regular, average speed, counting the steps. Then divide the past distance in centimeters (1,000 or 2,000) with the number of steps you made.

  • Up to 70 steps per minute

In healthy persons, this speed practically has no effect at all. It’s recommended for sick persons, persons recovering from stroke or those who suffer from stenocardium.

  • 71-90 steps per minute, 3-4 km per hour

It’s recommended for persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

  • 91-110steps per minute, 4-5 km per hour

This type of walking is difficult for the organism and it suits to all healthy persons.

  • 111-130 steps per minute

It is a great exercise for the body, but on this speed after a longer period of time is difficult even for the healthy persons.

Rules For Walking Exercises

  • You need to start with low intensity, gradually passing on longer and faster walking. In the beginning the intensity should increase in accordance with the duration of the walk, and even after to speedup. The intensity has to suit your health condition.
  • You have to walk regularly. One training a week will not provide you positive results. If you are not able to walk every day, you could try at least 2-3 times a week. You can walk any time of the day, but only after 1 – 1 ½ hour after eating.
  • It’s important to note that very slow walk on short distance will not give good results, a too long and too fast could damage an unprepared person.

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