This Is What Your Eyebrows Shape Say About You

People can be read as an open book. All about people’s behavior, voice, mimics, gestures, and signs reveals something about that person. You can tell a lot about the appearance of a person, but those who are professionals can read people like a book.

Our face can reveal a lot about us, such as our mood, what we are thinking about, and how do we feel.

Eyebrows are an important feature on our face because they provide information about one person’s failure or success. So, let’s take a look at what our eyebrows can tell about us.

What Your Eyebrows Shape Say About You


The eyebrow shape defines our personality. We define the shape, which means it is our choice and we reveal our personality without being aware of it.  Creative people usually have curved eyebrows. Those people are usually energetic, friendly, communicative, and are bored by exactness. They tend to have round faces and cheeks.

People who have straight eyebrows are logical and love details, facts, and exactness. They are less emotional and more rational. They tend to make decisions when they are calm and relaxed. These people are also very confident, but sometimes may seem arrogant to others.

Another brow shape is the angled type which looks like an inverted ‘’V’’. These people like to take control over things. They have leadership abilities and are good at researching. They can easily persuade other people about many different things, but at the same time they respect other people’s ideas and thoughts.


Eyebrow thickness can also say a lot about one person’s personality.  Those who have bushy eyebrows are usually smarter and more masculine. They are great at multi-tasking and are very generous with the people they love.

On the other hand there are people who have thin eyebrows, which are more single-minded in comparison to bushy eyebrow people. They tend to focus at one thing at a time and achieve the best results.

Those with thin eyebrows are more feminine and less passionate about other’s interests.  People who have thick brows in the beginning, but thinner at the end are full of ideas and very organized and have good manners. They work best when they are paired with someone else.

There are also some people whose eyebrows are thin at the beginning, but thicker at the end. Those people have a difficult time giving new ideas and are not sure of what they are saying. They always doubt when they accept a new task, but always find a way to complete it till the end.

Hair Growth

Besides the shape and the thickness of one eyebrow, the hair growth can also say a lot about the personality. Those who have tangled hairs usually think differently about others, are open-minded, and are interested in many areas. They are not afraid to take new challenges, but only after they examine all the aspects.

People whose eyebrow hairs are straight and untangled have a close link between emotions and logic, heart and mind, and live in harmony. Chameleon eyebrows can be very difficult for observation because those people are usually introverts and don’t show their feelings a lot.

People who have scattered hairs on their eyebrows are not able to focus on only one thing. They usually know everything about anything and that’s why they can’t focus only on one thing.

Eyebrow Location

The eyebrow position can give a hint about the person’s mind-set. When a person has the eyebrows high on the head, they take their time before they make a decision and are dreamers. When they are under pressure, they tend to make bad decisions.

Brows that are located on the lower part of the head mean that the person is detail-oriented and doesn’t take time to listen to everybody. They are impatient and tend to interrupt a lot. They usually take their chances and see what will happen next. They tend to be optimistic, but when things don’t go as planned they lose their optimism.

The gap between two brows indicates happiness.  The larger the gap, the happier the person is.  Those who have unibrows are usually thinkers.

Other Influencing Factors

The eyebrow length can say about the health of one person and the life expectancy. The longer the eyebrows are, the longer the person will live and will be in good health. After the age of 40, this feature becomes even more prominent.

Also, the length represents confidence, which means the longer the brows, the more confidence the person has and vice-versa. It is believed that those who have bright and shiny hairs have a good sex appeal and those with rough hairs have irregularities in the sex appeal.

You should be careful when you shape your brows because you shouldn’t spoil the natural shape of the brows.

This Is What Your Eyebrows Shape Say About You

This Is What Your Eyebrows Shape Say About You

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