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Every gardener who loves his job is ready to do anything so that he could raise healthy and beautiful plants without using chemicals and pesticides. Nowadays is practically impossible to find fruits and vegetables that grew without using chemicals, because then they lose all the health benefits.

Until these dangerous chemicals appeared, people somehow managed to grow their crops without them.

Recipes for natural fertilizers and insecticides

We prepared just for you several recipes for natural fertilizers and insecticides, which will help maintain your garden beautiful.

  1. Sometimes the old apples stop blooming, which is why they need a bit of stimulation. Put a nail into the tree and it will flourish. Gardeners from India do the same thing with coconut palms. This procedure is completely harmless for the tree.
  2. If the tree discards the buds and flowers, magnesium sulphate is going to help. It is a natural mineral derived from seawater. The result is instantly visible.

Dilute 2 tablespoons of magnesium sulphate in 1 litter of warm water and mix it well.

Spray the plants with this solution once in 2 weeks, from the beginning of the blooming until the fruit ripening.

  1. Iron is essential for proper growth of the plants, if they lack iron the leaves with become yellow. It usually happens as a result of big amounts of phosphorus in the land. Put several rusted nails in water and with that solution spray the plants. It will quickly solve the problem.
  2. For fungal infections on the plants it’s best to use soda bicarbonate. Dilute 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate in 3 litters of warm water and spray your plants with this solution so that they are completely covered with it, and it even leaks onto the ground.
  3. Milk is very beneficial for the plants. Some housewives inject milk directly into the plant stem. The milk, diluted with water, can be used for the treatment of the root and the leaves of the plant.
  4. Copper coins prevent the appearance of fungi. Put several coins into the ground around the plant and the copper will destroy all the fungi.
  5. Tree ash is very useful for the land where asparagus, broccoli, beans, peas, and beetroot grow.
  6. You can fertilize roses, azaleas, rhododendrons with coffee residue.

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