Vitamin Bomb! Natural And Effective Remedy For Improving Your Immunity

Having great immunity means that your organism fights well the various diseases that come in contact with it, and maintain good health as well. Although in the pharmacies there are numerous remedies for improving the immunity, the natural medicine never loses its popularity and meaning in this process.

That is understandable since there is no synthetic product from the pharmacy that can replace the natural remedies, which are easily available and effective in the treatment of various diseases.

Today, we present you the “Vitamin Bomb”- the perfect remedy for improving the immunity of the entire family.

Having prepared whole jar of vitamins, you will please not only the kids’ need for sweets, but you will also improve the immunity of the entire family.

Here are two recipes for making the remedy for improving the immunity. They are both amazing and effective. It’s up to you to choose which one you will use!

“Vitamin Bomb” – Natural remedy for improving the immunity of the kids and adults.

First recipe for immunity for kids and adults:

Ingredients needed:

  • 100gr. raisins
  • 150gr. walnuts
  • 100gr. almonds
  • 100gr. dried apricot
  • 100 gr. prune
  • Peel of one lemon
  • 250-300gr Honey
  • If you can, you can add 100 gr. of pine nuts ( great for making stronger the immunity)

The preparation:

Combine the ingredients in meat grinding machine: the raisins, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts and lemon peel.

Add juice of two lemons in the mixture, and mix it again.

Then add the grinded prunes and apricots and mix.

At the end, add the honey and mix it all together.

Leave it to stay on some dark place for around day or two.


For kids older than 3 years – 1 teaspoon a day.

For adults- 1-2 tablespoons, three times a day.

Keep the jar of vitamins in the fridge.

 Second recipe for immunity for kids and adults

Ingredients needed:

  • 200 gr. dried apricots
  • 200 gr. prunes
  • 200 gr. dried figs
  • 200 gr. walnuts
  • 1 lemon
  • 50 ml. homemade Brandy (Rakia)
  • 250 gr. honey

The preparation:

Grind the dried fruits and the lemon together in meat grinding machine.

Add the honey and the brandy in the mixture and mix it well.

Keep the jar in the fridge. You can take 1 tablespoon of the remedy before the meal.

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